Our new window display!

Somhairle Kelly with his work, our window display

Somhairle Kelly with his work, our window display

For the benefit of those of you who don’t have the joy of going up Dalkeith Road very often (which probably includes anybody reading this post), Glastonbridge Studios now has a new window display! It is a magical forest of literature, music and science, a collage made from recovered papers and laser-cut trees.  The artist, Somhairle Kelly, has a site here.

Web Theremin Hack

This Friday Robin and I took an hour or so out of our afternoon to make a theremin using a Kinect and javascript, just for the fun of it.  Here is a short clip of him playing it

To make this we used the KinectJSON server that we made for the Art of Computer Science project.  This meant that we could read in Kinect data on a webpage using Javascript.  The little boxes on the screen show the position of the virtual theremin (white box) and your left (blue) and right (red) hands.  The sine wave is made using the Web Audio API.

Just a little hack, but good fun.  Have a good weekend, internet!

Welcoming Robin Johnson, and our new studio office!

Glastonbridge Studios Wow!  Glastonbridge Software is growing.  We have several fabulous performance, arts and crafting clients doing inspiring things, and so we’ve taken on a new hire and moved into a new office!
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babiesAloud! App by Glastonbridge

We’ve been working with allAloud to create a new mobile app to let you record your baby’s voice in an entertaining new way. Why make a boring ordinary recording that you’ll probably delete when you forget about it? Make a rocking song that you can even play in the car to your friends (without them getting bored)!

This is a very small project at present, but it is great fun on the new iPhones, and we’ve got Android support planned too! Get over to to learn more, or go to the Apple App Store and download it now!

Brighton D@nce Hack event

Image copyright Gaël L of Le Clair Obscur

This weekend Alex will be travelling to the D@nce Hack in Brighton, where dancers and developers will come together for 24 hours to break new ground by combining technology and movement.  Obviously this is something we are passionately interested in, and we are excited to be a part of the event.

The D@nce Hack is run as part of the Brighton Digital Festival and is on between the 21st and 22nd of September.  You can find more information about the event by clicking here.

Update!  It was every bit as great as we hoped

Dancers effecting computed experiences, computers leading dance and movement, dancers and coders sharing their experiences and ideas, all this happened at D@nce Hack (can I start dropping the @ now?  It’s terribly web 1.0).  Here’s a stream capture of Alex’s hack, using Kinect to capture, OpenFrameworks to visualise, and SuperCollider to create an audio landscape for a reactive scene.

Creative Anarky with Anarkik3D

Glastonbridge is very proud to announce that Alex Shaw is going to be working with Edinburgh-based Anarkik3D as a technical manager to enhance and improve their haptic sculpting software Cloud9.

Cloud9 haptic sculpting by Anarkik3D

Haptic sculpting in action using Cloud9

Cloud9 is a sculpting tool that combines computerised 3D crafting with a physical sense of touch, allowing makers and craftspeople to work with their hands and engage with their work in a way that emulates the natural fluidity of a traditional physical process.

Right now we’re fundraising on Indiegogo, please help us reach our goal because we have great things planned for Cloud9 and haptic sculpting in the near future!

Full Spectrum Dance; Augmented Reality Performance

This is an exciting new project that we are working on right now, a collaboration between Alex Shaw at Glastonbridge Software and Paul Golz at Ephemeris Dance.

Imagine a world in which live performance dance and virtual reality merge. Can you really tell what is real and what is not? Ephemeris is working on the interface between the real and the virtual, augmenting reality, warping expectations and challenging the audience.

We are creating our own app for mobile devices (such as the iPad and mobile phones) to allow us to augment live dance using motion capture and virtual reality. This project will lead to a touring work for the iGeneration to enjoy

Thinking about how your project could benefit from a stylish and creatively-focused software app?  Send an email to!, Desktop Software for IP Management Gurus

Demys Logo
In 2012 we were privileged to produce a desktop app for influential Internet Intellectual Property Management firm Demys.  Their old internal infrastructure needed enhancement with a desktop tool, and although they had built some of their new application in-house in Visual Basic .NET and MySQL, they needed a software developer to come in and tie the technical loose ends together before they could start using it in production.

Glastonbridge came in and buffed the app with our knowledge and experience of robust software architecture.  This enabled us to enrich the feature set of the app and get it on to the desktops of all Demys’ team by the end of the year.

Torsten Lauschmann – Startle; book and Augmented Reality app

Glastonbridge is pleased to announce our role as producers of the Augmented Reality portion of the artist Torsten Lauschmann’s latest publication: Startle.

Torsten Lauschmann – Startle Book and Lauschmann App (2012) from Torsten Lauschmann on Vimeo.

Startle is a compilation of Torsten Lauschmann’s recent gallery and touring work, compiled into book form.  Many of the pieces are dynamic, and express interactive, sonic, or cinematic concepts.  To bring this book to life, the Lauschmann app overlays augmented 3D graphics, 2D video, sound, and more, using the concept of augmented reality to augment a real-world book.

The Lauschmann app was written in Adobe AIR for mobile, and compiled to Android and iOS.  It uses the commercial AR library IN2AR and the Minko 3D engine.  All development and deployment work was undertaken by Glastonbridge directed by Torsten Lauschmann, and using his own video, audio, and graphics.

To see more of Torsten’s work, visit, grab the book Startle,  check out the app in the Play Store or Apple App Store.

EquationLab by Go Think Learning, with help from Glastonbridge.

EquationLab is a new product by Edinburgh based educational software start up Go Think Learning. The software is designed to help people  learn how to work with calcuations and equations in physics, maths and chemistry. It can be used by students to help them develop their calculation skills as well as teachers who can use it in the classroom to support learning.

Screenshot of EquationLab

EquationLab in action

A year ago, when their lead developer went on leave for a few months, Glastonbridge was brought in to bring EquationLab to beta which was then released to the UK physics teaching community for trial. In that process we contributed quality code, software design, UI design and technical support to the Go Think Learning team. This input helped them build the app that they are shipping today.

Without help from Alex and Amy, the release of EquationLab would have been much delayed. They worked hard on this innovative product and translated my spec, which was often no more than an idea, into working code that was shipped to teachers. They helped on many fronts and even pulled out all the stops sometimes on weekends to get things working. They are talented guys who worked through all the problems to produce working product. Well done Glastonbridge!

-Robert Brice, Founder, Go Think Learning